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NFL Lockout News: Steelers Holding Meeting To Discuss Training Camp

Scott Brown at the Trib reports that the Steelers are holding an “organization-wide meeting on training camp.”

This might be an indication that the NFL Lockout is about to end, or it might just be the Steelers doing their due diligence. As Steelers Depot points out, training camp would ordinarily have opened July 30.

There are still a bunch of obstacles that need to be cleared for training camps to open. There are a couple possible routes to resolution of the conflict between owners and players, but they haven’t resolved it yet, and a class-action complaint by former players could complicate things.

There’s also the fact that even after the labor dispute is resolved, there will have to be a free agency period before training camps can open. This is when guys like Ike Taylor will either sign with their old teams or find new ones, and due to the reduced time frame, it could be a frenzied period indeed. If training camp is to open on time, the players and owners will have to get moving.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.