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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: How To Approach Your Draft

Confused about how to approach your fantasy football draft this week? Pete Wilmoth already did a good job laying out a fantasy draft strategy when he wrote that you shouldn't be the guy who drafts a top-rated quarterback, like Aaron Rodgers or Michael Vick, in the first round.

Instead, you should wait on a quarterback - not necessarily Ben Roethlisberger, but someone like him, someone who you can pick in the middle rounds but who's still likely to give you good production. You won't be able to pick a starting running back in those rounds, so try to load up on top running backs early, followed by top wide receivers. Given the way most leagues are structured, you can find good quarterbacks later on. Also, avoid the temptation to avoid overpaying for a tight end, and wait until the end of the draft to fill in your kicker and defense. You can also just switch defenses each week based on matchups.

The Steelers offer a bunch of great fantasy options, as we've detailed throughout this storystream. Rashard Mendenhall (a running back!) should be a first-round pick, and Mike Wallace, a top wide receiver, should probably be a second- or third-rounder. Roethlisberger should go in the middle rounds, and second-year wideout Antonio Brown is a great sleeper pick in the late rounds. Fellow receivers Hines Ward and Emmanuel Sanders should go in the late rounds as well. Also, the Steelers have one of the better fantasy defenses, but your best bet is to let someone else overpay.

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