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Fantasy Football 2011 Rankings (Position Rankings): Where To Draft Antonio Brown?

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown's fabulous preseason so far has Pittsburgh buzzing. But where should you take him in your fantasy football draft?

It's hard to say, but unless your league is filled with Steelers fans, there's a good chance Brown is going to be underrated. He's not even in ESPN's Christopher Harris' top 200, for example. Nor is he among the top 90 (!) wide receivers over at Yahoo!

Now, it's not as if you should spend one of your first five picks on Brown. Mike Wallace and Hines Ward are the Steelers' top two receivers, and the new kickoff rules will limit Brown's ability to help your team on returns. But he came on strong down the stretch last year and played well in camp, and in preseason games, he's been unstoppable. He has nine receptions so far for 230 yards and three touchdowns, to go along with four kickoff returns for 109 yards.

This might not mean anything outside the preseason, but given that Brown is in his second year in the league, it really looks like a potential breakout. Grab Brown in the later rounds, and you might end up looking really smart.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.