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2012 NFL Draft: David DeCastro To Leave Stanford

Stanford guard David DeCastro says he's ready for the 2012 NFL Draft.

I have decided to enter the NFL draft. Thanks to all who have supported me and Stanford football. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else

This isn't a huge surprise, but it's still interesting news for the Steelers, who have needs at guard. This doesn't mean the Steelers will be able to get DeCastro, who National Football Post calls "the best offensive line prospect I’ve evaluated since Maurkice Pouncey in 2010." He'll likely be gone before the Steelers pick at the end of the first round. But since his decision to enter the draft increases the amount of first-round offensive line talent, it also increases the chances that the Steelers will get someone they want when they do get to pick.

Of course, the draft is a very long way away, the Steelers' decisions are very hard to project, and so on.

DeCastro will likely join Andrew Luck and fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin - who also recently declared - as top 20 picks out of Stanford.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.