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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Steelers falling in polls

Following Week 6's dissappointing loss against the Tennessee Titans, the Pittsburgh Steelers have dropped in the majority of power polls.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers have dropped in the majority of power polls largely due to Thursday's dissappointing loss to the Tennessee Titans in Week 6.

In SB Nation's polls curated by editor Joel Thorman, the Steelers dropped eight spots to No. 16 overall. Thorman noted last week that the team's rise in his poll was largely because the other team's ahead of them had lost and that he didn't know if the team deserved the No. 8 spot.

Following Week 6, Thorman expressed little confidence in the Steelers:

The Raiders and Titans have three combined wins. Two of those come courtesy of Pittsburgh.

In's power rankings, the team dropped four spots to No. 14 overall. The report focused on how the Steelers have been outscored on the road in the fourth quarter by a margin of 40-16 this season.

Fox Sports' poll compiled by Brian Billick also had the Steelers ranked at No. 14 this week. Billick discussed how the loss to the Titans may have been the most disappointing of the entire week.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.