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Mike Holmgren to retire from Browns

The Cleveland Browns will part ways with Mike Holmgren at the end of the season and Joe Banner will become the team president and CEO.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Mike Holmgren's run as team president of the Cleveland Browns will come to a close. New Browns owner Jimmy Haslam announced that Holmgren is out and former Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner will become CEO and team president in Cleveland. The move will become official on Oct. 25 when the sale of the team to Haslam is completed.

Holmgren will remain with the Browns until the end of the season, but will relinquish his duties as team president to Banner immediately upon his hiring. Holmgren took over as team president at the end of the Browns 2009 season after head coaching stints in Green Bay and Seattle; he never got Cleveland to a winning record. Banner served as president of the Eagles from 2001-12.

During Holmgren's time in Cleveland, the Browns did not beat the Pittsburgh Steelers once. The Steelers play the Browns on Nov. 25 in Cleveland, and once again in the season finale on Dec. 30 in Pittsburgh.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.