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Steelers plan to sue Sports & Exhibition Authority over Heinz Field expansion

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The Steelers are not happy with how the expansion to Heinz Field will be financed.

Justin K. Aller

Discussions have gotten ugly over a proposed expansion to Heinz Field. At the root of the problem is how much money the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Sports & Exhibition Authority will contribute to the expansion.

The Steelers are now planning on suing the SEA over the matter, according to

A 3,000-seat expansion that will include a second video scoreboard is expected to cost between $38 and $39 million. The Steelers want the SEA to pay about two-thirds of that, while the authority wants to pay less.

On Tuesday, the Steelers submitted a notice that said they intended to sue, although the team's complaint has not been detailed.

The Steelers had hoped an agreement could be made sometime in October so the expansion could be ready for the 2013 season.

Despite the Steelers suing the SEA, the two sides are expected to meet to work on an agreement, according to Mary Conturo, executive director of the SEA.

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