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Could Steelers keep Brian Hoyer over Charlie Batch?

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After a less-than-impressive performance by Charlie Batch on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, the Pittsburgh Steelers could opt to keep Brian Hoyer as the third-string quarterback when Ben Roethlisberger is healthy enough to play.

Rich Schultz

Charlie Batch will likely remain the starter going forward if Ben Roethlisberger is unable to play, but when the Pittsburgh Steelers' first-string quarterback is healthy, Batch could be the odd man out with Brian Hoyer now on the team.

Batch started Sunday against the Cleveland Browns when forced from third-string duty with Roethlisberger and his backup, Byron Leftwich, were both unable to play. However, his performance was uninspiring: the 37-year-old threw three picks and couldn't convince defenses to respect his throwing arm, allowing them to key in on the Steelers' four running backs, who fumbled four times and averaged only 2.5 yards per attempt on 20 rushes. In short, the offense was a mess.

Although Batch is more likely to play Sunday with Hoyer only having only had a week in the system, Steelers Depot argued that Hoyer should stay with the club when it comes time to cut one of their four quarterbacks, as Batch looked incapable of running the team's offense on Sunday:

You have to wonder if Hoyer is a guy that (offensive coordinator Todd) Haley, and the rest of the coaching staff for that matter, has confidence in moving forward. Is e a quarterback that can serve as a long time number two or number three quarterback on the roster moving past the next couple of weeks? If he is, then the Steelers should keep him and ditch Batch, guaranteed money and all.

Hoyer has never started an NFL game, but proved his worth as a backup behind Tom Brady in New England. Batch has also proven serviceable in his 10 years in Pittsburgh, but he's getting older and looked out of sorts against the Browns. Although he's had a good tenure with the Steelers, his time may be short.

Behind the Steel Curtain didn't speculate about Hoyer, but instead just emphasized the obvious, saying how important it is for Roethlisberger to come back as soon as possible with a win against the Ravens essential to making the playoffs.

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