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Plaxico Burress' role with Steelers more limited than anticipated

Plaxico Burress has been a non-factor with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the 35-year-old understands that he wasn't brought in to be the team's feature wide receiver.

Rob Carr

Plaxico Burress hasn't had much of an impact on the Pittsburgh Steelers -- in fact, he's had virtually none -- but the veteran wide receiver is fine with whatever his team asks him to do.

The 35-year-old isn't the same player that he was when he caught 22 touchdowns over five years with the Steelers after being drafted eighth overall back in 2000. But it was expected he'd factor into a receiving corps dealing with injuries. Instead, he's played only 12 snaps in two games -- just one snap against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday -- and has yet to catch a pass. Burress told Mike Bires that he didn't mind the lack of playing time, considering his situation.

"Every player who has the ability to play as long as I have, you kind of sense that your day will come," said Burress, 35. "I have three great, young talents in front of me. I’ve never been around a group of guys with that much talent and speed and the things that they can do. They’re all very talented, and I just sit back and watch and enjoy it."

Those three receivers are Antonio Brown, Mike Wallace, and Emmanuel Sanders, who is returning from a sprained shoulder. Jerricho Cotchery is also on the mend after missing two weeks with a rib injury, likely putting Burress fifth on the team's wide receiver depth chart if they opt to keep him around.

Burress had eight touchdowns last year with the New York Jets after spending time in prison less than a year after his 2008 Super Bowl win.

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