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Chargers vs. Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger will wear protective vest

The Steelers announced on Thursday that Ben Roethlisberger would be their starting quarterback on Sunday. Pittsburgh was 1-2 in his absence.

Rob Carr

When Ben Roethlisberger returns to action on Sunday for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he will do so with the aid of a Kevlar-lined vest to protect his right shoulder, according to Behind the Steel Curtain. The Steelers asked Unequal Technologies to design a padded vest for their QB so he could safely compete against the San Diego Chargers.

The vest utilizes Concussion Reduction Technology (CRT), which is what three Steelers defenders use in their helmets. James Harrison, Ryan Clark, and Troy Polamalu all have CRT in their helmets. The custom helmets and Roethlisberger's vest use Kevlar linings to absorb shock. Harrison was the first player in the NFL to use CRT in his helmet, and he insists that it has helped prevent head trauma.

Roethlisberger was a full participant in practice on Friday. His clavicle and shoulder are still not fully healed, but the vest should provide adequate protection. Roethlisberger has missed three straight games since he left the Steelers' Week 10 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.