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2012 NFL Draft: Could Steelers Take A Wide Receiver In First Round?

Behind The Steel Curtain wonders whether the Steelers could take a wide receiver at No. 24. The idea is that a wide receiver could end up being the best player available with that pick, and the Steelers don't have a lot of size at wideout.

Early projections show the wide receiver position is deep, but without multiple top 10 prospects. Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon is a lock for the top five. After him, there is talent (Notre Dame's Michael Floyd, South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery and Baylor's Kendall Wright), and Floyd and Jeffery both possess something the Steelers receivers simply don't have.


The Steelers are smart, so if they ended up grabbing an exciting player like Jeffery in the first round, I'd know they did it because they really loved him, and I'd get excited. Still, I'd be pretty surprised if the Steelers took a wideout. Size is good, but it's arguably an overrated quality for a wide receiver, and as BTSC notes, the Steelers have a ton of talent at that position. They don't usually draft purely for need in the first round, but it does typically play some role.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.