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2012 NFL Draft: Could Steelers Trade Up To Get David DeCastro?

Behind The Steel Curtain asks if the Steelers could trade up to get Stanford guard David DeCastro:

It’s hard to see Kansas City passing on DeCastro at 11 or 12. The Chiefs and Seattle are subject to a coin flip at the Combine Feb. 22 for the rights to the 11th pick.

Going off Jimmy Johnson’s Trade Chart (the concept, if not the exact numbers, are what teams use to weigh trading decisions) suggests jumping ahead to No. 12 from No. 24 would cost the Steelers their first, second and fourth round picks in this year’s draft. It would probably have to be a first, second and third to move to the 11th spot.

This is unlikely, obviously — the Steelers don’t typically make moves like this. But it’s fun to think about. The most likely scenario involving DeCastro dropping to the Steelers probably involves him having a poor performance at the NFL Combine, or something like that. Or, BTSC points out, he could take a tumble in the draft because guards don’t usually get drafted that high.

In any case, DeCastro is a great draft prospect, but three of the Steelers’ top four picks is a hefty price to pay.

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