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Todd Haley 'Frontrunner' For Steelers Offensive Coordinator Job, According To Report

According to a report Friday afternoon, former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley leads the pack of potential replacements for recently-departed Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Nothing is certain, however.

As of Fri, Feb 3 @ 3:40pm ET, it’s my understanding that Todd Haley’s the frontrunner for the #Steelers off coord job—-but nothing decided.

Haley has already interviewed for the job. The Chiefs fired him in December. He was previously the offensive coordinator for the Cardinals. Here’s Nice Pick, Cowher on why Haley would be a good fit in Pittsburgh:

Haley’s Cardinal offense used a big, strong armed, veteran quarterback who was used to having a say in the offense (check). The Cardinal offense had a potent receiving corps stocked with superstars, future superstars, and role players (check) Haley’s Arizona offense was a bit pass happy but effectively mixed in the run when it mattered (Can a brother get a DOUBLE CHECK). The Haley offense can score like crazy and get deep into the playoffs against good to great defenses (checkitty check). As a head coach, Haley was able to turn around a floundering Chiefs squad and get them to the top of the juggernaut known as the AFC West.

We’ll see how this turns out. It’s only a tweet at this point, and not even a particularly definitive-sounding one.

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