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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Devon Still Falling In First Round Projections

Penn State defensive tackle Devon Still is falling in the latest first round projections of the the upcoming NFL Draft, and I'm not really sure why. He hasn't really had an opportunity to impress scouts and move up the board, but then again, nobody else really has either. SB Nation's NFL Draft site Mocking the Draft just came out with their latest mock, and they have Still all the way at No. 20 to the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans could go down a number of paths with this pick. They could use with interior offensive line help, a wide receiver, and potentially a corner if the right man is available. But Devon is STILL on the board! (See what I did there?? I apologize...) The Titans ranked 24th in the league in run defense, and struggled to get sacks. Adding Still to the middle of that defensive line should help plug up a few holes in the middle, and allow the edge rushers more one on one match ups.

Pun aside, it seems like he is surprised that Still is available this late. Which should say something about his value in this draft. But that does raise the question, if he is that good, why isn't he going any higher?

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.