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Steelers Free Agency 2012: Mike Wallace Could Be Targeted by Denver Broncos

With the news that the Denver Broncos will be the team to sign Peyton Manning, the question now becomes what receivers can the Broncos surround Manning with that can help the team maintain a level of success. One of these options might be signing Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent Mike Wallace.

The Denver Broncos have a lot of cap space at almost $40 million, and a low enough first round draft pick (No. 25 overall), that it wouldn't hurt them too badly to at least make an offer to Wallace. The Steelers could use the additional draft pick they would get from Denver to acquire some young help at wide receiver if the right player is available.

The Steelers do have other needs, so wide receiver could be a position that they do not address until later in the draft. The Steelers have had success when drafting wide receivers late in the draft.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.