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2012 NFL Draft Order: Official Order Of Picks Released, Steelers Own 10 Picks

The NFL has officially released the 2012 NFL Draft order, now complete with compensatory picks that were given to select teams based on talent they lost over the past year. For a complete list of picks for every team, you can head over to SB Nation. The Steelers will have ten picks in the upcoming draft, their own at No. 24 in each round and a few compensatory picks at the end. Here is the complete list of picks the Steelers own.

Round 1 - 24th Pick - No. 24 overall

Round 2 - 24th Pick - No. 56 overall

Round 3 - 24th Pick - No. 86 overall

Round 4 - 24th Pick - No. 119 overall

Round 5 - 24th Pick - No. 159 overall

Round 6 - 24th Pick - No. 193 overall

Round 7 - 24th Pick - No. 231 overall

Round 7 - 33rd Pick - No. 240 overall

Round 7 - 39th Pick - No. 246 overall

Round 7 - 41st Pick - No. 248 overall

Keep in mind that this is only how the picks will be laid out at the start of the draft, trades will dramatically alter the order even further.

For more on the Steelers, check out Behind The Steel Curtain. For more on the NFL Draft, check out SB Nation Pittsburgh’s 2012 NFL Draft StoryStream.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.