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2012 NFL Draft: Steelers Draft Board Just About Set

The 2012 NFL Draft is just over the horizon, and the first round will get started on Thursday. The Steelers pick at No. 24 in that first round, which means they'll need to have a draft board at least that deep to come out with the prospect they want. According to Mike Bires of the Beaver County Times, general manager Kevin Colbert has a pretty good idea of what their final big board will look like.

"Our draft board is pretty well set," Colbert said. "We will put some final touches on it over the next couple of days, when we get some late medical and character information.

"We are at that point now where we are ready to go. We have looked at several hundreds of people. It's our job to sort them out and pick the right ones who we think can help us."

Colbert points out that if you pick No. 24 overall, you need to have at least the first 24 picks in the draft ranked, because you are guaranteed that at least one of those players will fall to your position.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.