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Steelers Receivers Mike Wallace And Antonio Brown Are 'Matchup Busters'

The Pittsburgh Steelers are lucky to have a pair of wide receivers who can stretch the field. Both Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown provide great targets for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and both players can give tough cornerbacks fits, as ESPN's KC Joyner notes.

A 'Matchup Buster,' according to Joyner, has the ability to separate himself against good competition. Joyner lists matchup-busting receivers who perform the best against cornerbacks who allow fewer than nine yards per attempt. Wallace makes Joyner's top tier of receivers at 10.2 yards per attempt against highly-rated corners, while Brown makes the second tier at 9.5 yards.

Joyner compares Wallace to Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

If you're wondering whether Wallace is worth a huge contract, look no further than this metric. He was every bit as good as Calvin Johnson in a midseason study last year and this metric shows that Johnson is not the only star wideout Wallace can top, metrically speaking.

Joyner also says it may be difficult to keep both Wallace and Brown, but the Steelers have incentive to try.

It will be difficult for the Steelers to keep both Brown and Wallace, but they would retain possibly the best matchup-buster wide receiver tandem in the NFL.

The Steelers should attempt to retain both players, as they give the offense an edge in what is still a very tough division. The salary cap might make that difficult, however.

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