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Fantasy Football Rankings 2012: Steelers' Backfield Provides No Fantasy Answers

Injuries mean that neither Rashard Mendenhall nor Isaac Redman are ideal fantasy football picks at the game's most important position.


Running back is a question mark for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and that's no less untrue when it comes to fantasy football.

RB's dominate the first few rounds of fantasy football, but nobody from Pittsburgh will be going off the board at a high spot at that position. With Rashard Mendenhall out and his return at least six weeks into the regular season, if not more, Isaac Redman is the go-to guy - for now - but a groin injury in camp makes him even less certain. Fake Team's Fantasy Football running back rankings has Redman as their No. 38 running back, meaning he may be worthy of a bench spot, but little more.

The news on Rashard Mendenhall has been all over the place. First he's ahead of schedule. Then he's months away from hitting the field. It does look like Mendy will suit up in 2012, so it's going to be tough to draft Redman as a flex. Although, if you really swung and missed in your draft, you can make a case for Ike as a top 30 back.

The fact that Mendenhall's injury means the Steelers will almost certainly employ two running backs this season - Redman for about half your fantasy year, Mendenhall the other half - means both are particularly not very valuable. Injuries are a part of fantasy football, but most of the time, they're an unknown: here we know for sure that neither is an ideal draft pick.

Mendenhall came in at No. 51 on FT's rankings:

Mendenhall still doesn't have a timetable to make his 2012 debut. There's definitely a chance that he can miss all of 2012, but the alluring of the Steelers potentially having a big-league O might make him worthy of a stash.

Also from the Steelers, Jonathan Dwyer clocked in at No. 66 on the rankings.

For more on the Steelers, head to Behind the Steel Curtain. Fake Teams and SB Nation's fantasy hub have all of your fantasy football needs.

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