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Week 2 NFL Picks: Jets Vs. Steelers

Most experts think the Pittsburgh Steelers will record their first win of 2012 on Sunday against the New York Jets, with a few holdouts.

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Although some pickers predict the Pittsburgh Steelers will start their season 0-2 while the New York Jets remain undefeated, the majority of opinions see the Steelers as the likely winners in their Week 2 matchup.

The Jets surprised nearly everybody with a 48-point outburst in their opener against the Buffalo Bills, and the Steelers' defense is already without James Harrison and could be without Troy Polamalu. But Joel Thorman predicts regression to the mean for New York in its matchup with Pittsburgh:

How long can I go with my prediction that the Jets will crash and burn this year? They looked mighty impressive against the Bills last week with a whopping 48 points on offense, the same offense that didn't score a touchdown until the final preseason game. All that said, I'm rolling with Pittsburgh at home in this game. The Steelers are the more complete team at this point.

The Pick: 20-10, Steelers

10 of 12 ESPN pickers went with the Steelers, with the lone holdouts Eric Allen and Seth Wickersham, who led all pickers last week at 12-4. USA Today was the most anti-Steelers outlet, with six pickers split down the middle. Yahoo and CBS each had clean sweeps for the Steelers.

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