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WVU Dominates First Half

Some updates from Aaron, who’s at the game:

3:40 PM: That was quick. On play number two the ‘Eers go up top to number two, Brad Starks. Good to see him in the gameplan, and good too be out front after one minute, one second. Its that kind of game… let’s hope the ’Eers keep it rolling.

3:50 PM: Devine’s 28 yard run was how they drew it up. Number 7 beats the outside LB to a spot, and then its off to the races. The WVU offense looks good, but it’s early.

4:07 PM: 21-0 from the 9 with a Jock Sanders run. They may not play D in the desert.

4:34 PM: Devine showed where its at. He went nearly 50 for a 28-0 2nd quarter lead. If this continues, and the thirty-five nil the crowd wants… It’ll be an empty Mountie Field at halftime.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.