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Mountaineer Offense Finally Wakes Up, Dispatches Bearcats With Ease 37-10

Well, today was either:

a) A great sign!  The offense woke up, the defense dominated, and WVU looked like a top-notch football team!

b) Frustrating, because an explosion like this makes the last two losses even more inexcusable!

I'm not sure what camp I'm in, to be honest. A little bit of both, I guess. On one hand, Geno Smith throwing for four first half touchdowns and making Tavon Austin and Jock Sanders look like all-world receivers was nice. It really, genuinely was. That said, why haven't we seen more of that?!? Noel Devine's third quarter touchdown was what we'd come to expect from number seven, but we just haven't seen it in awhile. A quick outside cut, beat the defensive end, and coast untouched for thirteen yards to paydirt really is a thing of beauty. Why did it look so hard against UConn and Syracuse?

I'm willing to admit that Butch Jones and Cincinnati have a ton of problems. Making the Mounties look good isn't one of them, because they did that in spades this afternoon. 

For the Mountaineers after taking care of business this afternoon they must set their sights on Louisville next weekend. Get it done in the bluegrass state and the conference title could still be on the line Thanksgiving weekend in Pittsburgh. The 'Eers need help, of course, but with the topsy-turvy nature of today's Big East anything can happen.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.