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West Virginia Vs. Davidson: Second Half Notes, Mountaineers Regain Control, Push Lead Back To 16

  • The announcers just explained the injury-free-throw-shooter rule.  It's bizarre. If Thoroughman had been bleeding, Huggins would've been able to pick the shooter.  Instead, Davidson Coach Bob McKillop picked Danny Jennings, who promptly missed both.  Strange rule.  Not really sure whether or not it's good or not.  Thoroughman is icing his knee, which has given him serious problems throughout his career.
  • Joe Mazzulla and Truck Bryant have spent a lot of time on the court together today.  I really like it.  It gives the Mountaineers a lot of playmaking ability, and it seems to make all the forwards play a little better.
  • Kevin Jones makes a nice block.  The defense doesn't seem to be switching s many screens as they did last season.  Could be due to a greater size disparity on the Mountaineer roster.
  • John Flowers fouls out with nearly nine minutes left in the game.  He finishes with 11 points, which is a tremendous offensive output for JFlow.
  • Kilicli gets pushed to the ground by a Davidson player while vying for a rebound.  Huggins can't like that.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.