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West Virginia Vs. Davidson: Second Half Notes, Game Hotly Contested Down The Stretch

  • Deniz Kilicli picks up his fifth foul and is out of the game.  He was hardly on the court, so it's amazing he picked up that many.  He got a long talking to from Huggins as he went to the bench.  I imagine it went along the lines of, "Deniz, you just can't do that against good teams."
  • 54 fouls have been called.  I guess you could say there's been some pushing and shoving.
  • Dalton Pepper makes a strong move to the basket, and kisses it high off of the glass.  It's those kinds of moves that we'll need to see out of Pepper if he's going to become more than just a jump-shooter.
  •  Truck Bryant charges, and now he's got four fouls.  The whole team might foul out by the time we're done with this one.
  • Well, it's under five minutes and Davidson has cut the lead to eleven.  The last five minutes of this game will be a toughness test for the Mountaineers.
  • With Kilicli and Flowers fouled out, the Mountaineers aren't the same physical presence they were earlier in the game.
  • Pepper makes the same move I just praised him for.  This time he tried to dunk it....unsuccessfully.  Davidson hits their first three, and the lead is cut to ten.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.