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West Virginia Vs. Davidson: Second Half Notes, Mountaineers Outlast 'Cats 84-70

  • Dalton Pepper misses another lay-up.  The lead is twelve, with two and half left, and I'm a little nervous. 
  • A BIG three from Truck, lead pushed back to fifteen.
  • Kevin Jones steals the ball, and Mazzulla's fouled on the other end.  Looks like this game's going to degenerate into a free-throw contest very soon.
  • Mitchell headed to the line, though the 'Eers burned two thirds of the shot clock before he got fouled.  It's unclear whether McKillop has called off the dogs and thrown in the towel for Davidson, or if the Wildcats just aren't very good at fouling.  (Which is funny, since this game has run long due to 60-plus personal fouls being called.)
  • Nope.  They're fouling.  Truck's headed to the line. He hits his shots and has 19 now.  Definitely the player of the game.
  • Another player has fouled out.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  This time it's Kevin Jones, who heads to the bench after tallying 10 points on an afternoon where he didn't shoot very well at all.
  • The crowd is now chanting "One more foul".  Which makes no sense to me.  NO more fouls.  I have work to do, sheesh.
  • Game's over.  Thanks for reading.  Don't tell my boss.  I'll be back with a recap later tonight.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.