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West Virginia Vs. Vanderbilt: Mountaineers Off To A Sluggish Second Half Start

  • Wow.  Jeffery Taylor picks up his fourth foul on an illegal screen on Vandy's first possesion of the second half.  That's why you sit him in the first half, coach.
  • Deniz Kilicli gets his first bucket of the tournament on a nice dunk.  He immediately picked up his third foul when he headed back downcourt to play D.  That's 8 fouls and 2 points so far this tournament for the Turk, for those of you keep score at home.
  • Casey Mitchell has gone cold, missing his first two three point attempts of the second half.  That seems to be Mitchell's problem, after he hits those first couple of shots, he's taking everything else and forcing shots that aren't there.
  • Vandy's cut the lead to eight, generally by being very opportunistic defensively.  Mountaineers need to play with a little more focus and foresight.  Like, you know, actually running a play from time to time?
  • John Flowers has been unable to convert two close looks at the basket.  Flowers needs to go harder to the basket when he's down low.  Plus, he's not doing us any favors by going to the line.  That can be quite an adventure.
  • Mitchell picks up a steal, but then a lazy take to the bucket results in him getting his shot swatted.
  • At the under-sixteen, WVU: 47, Vandy: 40

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.