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West Virginia Vs. Vanderbilt: Vandy Rages Back, Game Tied With Under Two Minutes To Play

  • Casey Mitchell has twenty-three points.  Twenty. Three.  Chew on that for a minute.
  • Deniz Kilicli is subbed out of the game, WVU fans respond with a cheer that seems to say, "Thanks for finally playing!"
  • Make that twenty-six points.  A career high, and something I never thought I'd see.  This whole "who get the minutes at the two-guard?" question seems to be getting answered.
  • Michell picks up a chippy foul on the other end.  Apparently, he's still mortal.
  • Cam Thoroughman runs the tip-drill with himself, unsuccessfully, I might add.
  • Jeffery Taylor has fouled out with four minutes left to play. 
  • Mitchell hits two free throws pushing his total to 28.  To the amazement of, well, everyone.
  • John Jenkins answers with a three and lead is cut back to six, with pleeeeenty of time left.  WVU needs to play focused down the stretch and get good offensive sets.
  • Which is not what they get when Kevin Jones travels under the bucket.  Which is what just happened.
  • Two fans are thrown out.  Ironically, they're Vandy fans.  Huh. 
  • Mitchell fouls another three point shot.  Jenkins will ice these, guaranteed.
  • He did.  Lead cut to three. Nervousness abounds in Morgantown.
  • WVU is currently getting worked on the board.  Thoroughman picks up his fourth, and Ezeli can cut it to a one point margin from the stripe... but he misses both.  Whew.
  • Jenkins hits a circus shot from deep.  We're tied.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.