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West Virginia Vs. Vanderbilt: Hot-Shooting Casey Mitchell Leads WVU Past Vandy

  • Vandy falls back into their zone.  As well they should.  WVU seems completely perplexed by it.
  • WVU is bailed out as Ezeli is charged with his fifth foul boxing out while an ill-advised Truck Bryant three pointer hung in the air.  John Flowers is going to the line.  This could be more exciting than it should be.
  • Thankfully he hits both.  Ice... water?
  • Cam Thoroughman sends Vandy back to the stripe... they only get one.  It's a one point game right now.
  • Kilicli travels and turns the ball over.  Why on earth was he on the court?
  • Apparently, it was to get pushed over by Tchiengang.  The Turk shoots two at the other end.  Could extend the lead to three....
  • ...but only hits one.  Kevin Jones manages to boot it out of bounds.
  • Brad Tinsley goes hard at the hole, and gets fouled by Truck.  WVU will get the ball back with around 30 seconds left to play.  Tinsley hits both.  Game tied.  WVU ball.
  • WVU moves the ball to mid-court and calls timeout.  28 seconds left to play.  Tie game.
  • On the court for WVU: Bryant-Jones-Flowers-Kilicli-Mitchell
  • Mitchell nails a three with 3.8 seconds left.  Thirty one points.  The crowd is chanting "Ca-sey Mit-chell".  As well they should.
  • An even 3.0 seconds left on the clock, Vandy will inbound from near mid-court.
  • An offbalance three pointer misses for Vandy.  Game.

Whew.  That was exciting.  I'll be back later this afternoon with a full re-cap.  Better get back into the office and act like I haven't been watching hoops the whole time....

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.