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West Virginia Vs. Louisville: WVU Outlasts Louisville, 17-10

  • Najee Good drops a surefire pick-six on the half's first play.  That's the second interception the Mountaineer D has failed to haul in this afternoon.  Those can be the little things that make the difference between winning and losing.
  • Drops are becoming an issue for the offense too.  Ivan McCartney drops a touchdown when he can't control the ball all the way to the ground. Admittedly it was a high degree of difficulty type of catch, but it would've been nice to get six, instead of settling for a Tyler Bitancurt field goal.  Either way, it's good to start the second half by getting more points.  This is a points game, after all. 'Eers extend lead to seven.
  • Eain Smith comes free and sacks Burke.  A prettier sack you'll never see.
  • Defense is controlling this game, on both sides.  The Mountaineers and Cardinals have just been trading punts for the bulk of the third quarter.  This game's being played slow and dirty and WVU has no answer for the Louisville defensive front.  The line can't open holes, and can't keep black jerseys off of Geno.  For the Cards, they can't create anything on their end as WVU's linebackers and secondary are flying around the field and making stop after stop.
  • It's boring, but WVU's still leads.  However, Louisville could tie this up in an instant.  The Mountaineers must play with focus.
  • After a nice run by Ryan Clarke the Mountaineer offense looked like it was moving.  Instead, it ground immediately to a halt.  Another punt.  Twelve minutes left.  WVU's Defense has looked tough, and they're going to have finish out this one for the Offense, because it doesn't look like this lead is getting any bigger.
  • Uh-oh. A bigg completion goes for the Cardinals from Justin Burke to Cameron Graham.  The D needs to stiffen and repel this brief drive.  Graham comes up injured after another completion, right now he and Burke are all the Louisville offense can get going, so it could be a big loss for the Cards if he can't return.
  • The Mountaineers give the ball back to the Cardinals over and over and over... if they lose, this will be why.
  • Cards only down seven, they quickly move it to midfield.  Now going for it on fourth down.... and they can't pick it up.  The Mountaineer offense will get one more shot to put some points on the board, or at the very least kill the clock.
  • Nice run by Shawne Alston.  Picks up a first down, which means more clock.  Alston could be the back of the future.  He's looked good in the last two games.
  • Bitancurt misses a field goal that could have iced the game.  Louisville still alive.... until Keith Tandy makes a pick, and seals the game.

West Virginia got a win it absolutely needed to have.  Right now WVU has to hope that Syracuse gets beaten by UConn and UConn loses one of it's last two games.  If that happens, and the 'Eers can win next Friday's Backyard Brawl then this team could stumble into a BCS Bowl game. It seems improbable, and it definitely is, but it doesn't mean it's not possible.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.