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West Virginia Vs. Minnesota: Foul Trouble Plagues Mountaineers, Minnesota Up 1 At The Half

  • Breaking News: Casey Mitchell finally missed.  A contested shot from the corner he never should have taken in the first place.
  • Back to back defensive breakdowns have Minnesota back in it quickly.  Lead cut to 3.
  • Truck Bryant picks up his second and heads to the bench.  The offense doesn't run as well without him, so the Mountaineers need to find an option other than Mitchell. John Flowers is trying to be that option, but  he's taken the last few Mountaineer shots and missed almost all of them.
  • Well, this has turned to slop.  West Virginia's having trouble getting things going, and one lazy pass later the Mountaineers are down three and Huggs is calling an angry timeout.
  • Cam Thoroughman hits a nice mid-range jumper.  With Truck and Kevin Jones in foul trouble, the offense is looking for scorers.  It's unconventional, but it will do.
  • John Flowers is getting pushed around by the Minnesota big men.  Danny Jennings is in to muck it up a bit, but I wonder if Kilicli would be better since he's a better scorer.
  • Dalton Pepper hits a deep three.  WVU needs him to score with the defense-heavy lineup that's on the floor.
  • Cam the Man hits a second jumper! A scoring machine!
  • Mountaineers down by one at the half.  In general the game has been dictated by Tubby Smith putting Al Nolen on Mitchell, which has given him less room to score over the last ten minutes.  Colton Iverson and company are also getting their way under the basket and generally disrupting the Mountaineer forwards.  Foul trouble plaguing Truck and KJ means the slower, smaller more defensive lineup had to play the bulk of the minutes.  Points were hard to come by, and Huggs better get his motion offense running in the second half or the Mountaineers could find this one slipping away from them.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.