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West Virginia Vs. Minnesota: Tipoff Title Game Tightly Contested Down The Stretch

  • Deniz Kilicli starting to get aggressive offensively, and it's paying off.  He's been the Mountaineers spark over the last few minutes.
  • Kevin Noreen is diving on the floor!  Mountaineers are nothing if they're not scrappy right now.  Even Jonnie West is getting in on the action.
  • I love the fire this Mazzulla-Noreen-West-Pepper-Kilicli lineup is playing with right now.
  • Dalton Pepper with the deep bank! And the Mountaineers lead.
  • Noreen back to the bench, but he gave some great minutes there.  If the Mountaineers end up pulling this one out, it will because the bench came in and got to work when the starters couldn't get it done.
  • The game has slowed to a crawl, dragging back and forth a foul and foul shot laden display.  'Eers down four.
  • Iverson picks up his fourth going over the back.  Fouls just piling up now, could be an issue down the stretch for both teams.
  • Mountaineers still can't hit free throws.
  • Mounties throw on the 1-3-1 and immediately pick up a turnover.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.