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West Virginia Vs. Minnesota: Mountaineers Fall To Gophers 74-70

  • Kevin Jones with a big three to tie the game!
  • But Tubby's  boys know they can throw the lob on the 1-3-1.
  • Hoffarber is hot, he hits a three to put the Gophers on top.  Mountaineers need to score, and Kevin Jones just bricked one.
  • Tubby takes a T under a minute.  The Gophers are controlling things right now, and seem to know where to attack the 1-3-1.  The last minute is going to slow down and a whole lot of free throws are ahead of us...
  • Nolen holds it too long for the Gophers.  Mountaineers with the ball back with 24 seconds left.  This is gonna be the ballgame.  Casey Mitchell time?
  • Mitchell gets the ball on a play designed for him, but holds it too long.  He finally jacks up a shot with a hand in his face and then the Mountaineers lose the tip drill.  That's ballgame.

If we learned anything from the Mountaineers tonight it's that offense is going to be a problem.  The starters couldn't get anything going, and for the duration West Virginia struggled to get good looks.  The Mountaineer big men were pushed around, and the scorers were held in check.  This game leaves a lot of lessons to learn for this season's Mountaineers.  Hopefully after the Thanksgiving break the team will right itself and, you know, work on running some plays.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.