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VMI Vs. West Virginia: Mountaineers Lead By 8 At The Half

  • The Mountaineers finally get a Casey Mitchell layup after breaking a tight press.  Lack of ball-handling is killing the Mountaineers otherwise.
  • WIth Joe Mazzulla on the bench with two fouls, Jonnie West seems to be the Mountaineers best option at the point.  It hasn't mattered much, as the forwards have all chipped in at turning the ball over.
  • Kevin Noreen's heading to the bench now, but he's a kid who is stepping up and doing his job right now.
  • Mitchell with another layup.  WVU seems to be focusing on running plays now, and they'll have to.  Without much guardplay, thery're not going to be able to improvise like they usually do.
  • Mitchell gets fouled at the buzzer and hits two of three. The Mountaineers will have to take points any way they can.  They seemed to find a bit of rhythm at the end of the half, to push their lead to 8.  Whether or not the return of Joe Mazzulla in the second half disrupts that remains to be seen.
  • At the Half: WVU 38, VMI 30

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.