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VMI Vs. West Virginia: Mountaineers Out In Front Of Keydets In Sluggish Affair

  • Mountaineers take a few trips to regain their rhythm, and then Deniz Kilicli with a nice post move.  WVU still has the size advantage and will need to take advantage of it.
  • .....and Kilicli gets a Technical Foul for hanging on the rim.
  • Kevin Jones with another turnover under the basket.  This is becoming a habit.  And a bad one.  The Mountaineers will need these points.
  • Kieth Gabriel hits a deeeep three to cut the lead back to ten.
  • Jones misses a dunk.  A good metaphor for the Mountaineers' play so far.  Luckily Dalton Pepper is there to clean up the mess.
  • Kevin Noreen goes hard to the bucket off of one dribble for the and-one.  I'm starting to love the way this kid plays!
  • Keith Gabriel skies to the basketbal and gets fouled. Keydets now withing nine. This is not a pretty basketball game.  The points come in spurts, and both teams are generally disjointed.
  • Casey Mitchell hits the Mountaineers' first three of the night.  He follows it up getting beat on Defense. Oh well, his bucket was worth one more.
  • Keenen hits a big three for VMI, cutting the Mountaineer lead to seven.
  • Mitchell hits another.  Please get hot and put this one away...
  • Mazulla to the rack.  When the game degenerates it favors the Mountaineers.
  • Under twelve timeout: Mountaineers by ten.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.