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Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Tightly Contested In The Early Going

  • Danny Jennings in the starting lineup.  The Turk is still a project.
  • Holy @#$! Huggins is in a suit.  He really must be trying to mix it up after a loss.
  • Quick Colonials baskets, bad.  Truck going to the hole and getting to the line, good.
  • Casey Mitchell misses his first shot.  Better get hot, Casey.  Points are rare.
  • Jennings and one in the paint.  A good plan for getting points, is getting them close.  Truck and Danny have some chemistry leftover since high school, better put it to use.
  • Dalton Pepper gets the ball stripped easily.  C'mon, this isn't making things easier.
  • John Flowers out with an apparent ankle injury.  Back from the locker room and sitting on the bench now.
  • Kevin Jones is the recipient of a nice down low feed.  The way this Mountaineer team needs to be running things.
  • Deniz Kilicli backs in for two.  He showed a decisive move on this one, which is a change.
  • Robert Morris is still hot.  They've got 13.  The 'Eers, 15. They like to play quick, the 'Eers shouldn't let them dictate that, but that's hard when you're not making shots.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.