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Robert Morris Vs. West Virginia: Mountaineers Cruise Past Colonials Behind Solid Bench Play

  • John Flowers score on another ugly, ugly fast break.  This Mountaineer team doesn't seem capable of it.
  • Deniz Kilicli with back to back left-handers.  Fourteen points, a career high.
  • The Turk looks like he wants to cry after knocking a Colonial to the floor, while shooting a three.  Bobby Huggins, not thrilled, but will take it with the Turk playing like this.
  • Dalton Pepper hits a long three.  Amazingingly, we haven't seen Kevin Jones, Danny Jennings or Casey Mitchell since the big sit-down.
  • The Mountaineers have stepped it up and completely taken contol of the game.  Velton Jones fouls out for Robert Morris.  Right now the most entertaining thing will be whether or not the starters get back in.  Prognosis? Doubtful.
  • Kevin Noreen makes it in the game.  I love it when freshmen play. 
  • Flowers to the rack for his eleventh point.  He's got a double double.  This guy has come a long way since he was a freshmen.  Back then, literally his only job was to dance in the huddle.
  • Noreen is in the scorebook with a layup, along with ten other Mountaineers.
  • On TV, it just looked like Kevin Jones went to the locker room.  Would like to know why.
  • Well, it got boring once the Mountaineers were up big, and this will go into the books as a 33 point win.  It will go down in lore as the night Huggy benched the whole squad.  It's good to know that some players like Deniz Kilicli and Cam Thoroughman answered when called.  What's most disturbing is that guys like Casey Mitchell, Kevin Jones and Danny Jennings can be complete non-factors.  Huggins never let them off of the bench in the second half, and as badly as they've played lately, he had no reason too.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.