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West Virginia Vs. Marquette: Turnovers Plague Mountaineers, Marquette Leads At The Half

  • Dazzlingly bad start for the Mountaineers.  4 possessions, 4 turnovers.  The Golden Eagles jump out to a 9-0 start before Kevin Jones get the 'Eers in the scorebook just before the first official's timeout.
  • Still looking disjointed, the Mountaineers have crawled back into it behind a couple of threes from Casey Mitchell.  Neither looked particularly sharp, and neither came off of a set play, but they did both go in, which is all the Mountaineers can ask for right now.  That said, it would be nice to see them run some sets.
  • The Golden Eagles are getting to the basket, and getting the ball inside.  Thankfully, they've been swallowed up by Mountaineer defenders.  However, if Marquette gets the ball on the glass its almost automatic that they've gotten it again, out rebounding the Mountaineers 10-4 in early play.
  • The 'Eers have switched to a 2-3 on defense and it seems to be causing problems for Marquette. Despite a horrible first five minutes things could be looking up for the Mountaineers.... if the big men can score.  Kilicli has seen two chip shots sit on the rim before rolling off.
  • I spoke too soon, the turnover bug bites again and the Golden Eagles are up ten.
  • Seven straight points from the Mountaineer guards.  Truck with a drive and three, and Mazzulla with a little step-in mid-range jumper.  If Mazzulla can contribute some scoring, just 6 or 8 points here and there, it would open up a lot of offensive possibilities for the Mountaineers.
  • Huggs is playing Bryant and Mazzulla at the same time and it's reaping dividends.  It gives Bryant the ability to move withou the ball and penetrate.  He's hit two threes and is looking for more.
  • Darius Johnson-Odom hits a big shot at the buzzer, and Marquette heads to the locker room up three.  I've got to say, as badly as this game started and as ineffective as the Mountaineers' offense looked for the first ten minutes, being only down three is a real boon for the 'Eers.  I imagine Huggins is impressing upon them, in his own special way, what kind of effort he expects to see in the second act.
  • My head hurts.  Happy New Year's everybody!

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.