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West Virginia Vs. DePaul: Mountaineers Squeak By Blue Demons For Two Point Victory

  • The Mountaineers jump out early and now lead by seven after a couple of nifty baskets from Casey Mitchell.  Mitchell has to become a multi-dimensional scorer this season and every time I see him with a lay-up or put back I think is a step in the right direction.
  • Kevin Jones continues his assertive play, looking good in the paint.  Crashing the glass and even contributing in transition. This has to continue for the 'Eers to win at all in the Big East.
  • The eight point lead the Mountaineers have has been held most of the half.  It's these type of games that put WVU to sleep sometimes and let the opponent back in it.  Huggins must be stressing focus in the huddle.  The 'Eers are still two sloppy possessions away from a tight game.
  • Deniz Kilicli puts a sweet post move on his guy.  The Turk is coming along.  His under the basket pivot move shows he knows what to do, he just has to not hesitate when he does it.
  • Joe Mazzulla attacks the basket for an and one.  Lead to 14. Mountaineers rolling now.
  • Lead's cut to six, and the Mounties have stopped playing smart.  Repeated turnovers keep things interesting. A good team would've put away DePaul ten minutes ago. This Mountaineer squad will play things to the bitter end.
  • MItchell makes the most beautiful pass.... but to no avail, Mazzulla's finish rolls of the rim.  Seriously though, I don't expect that kind of passing out of Casey.
  • Suddenly it seems Mazzulla's forcing it on every play, and now Truck has to come in for him.  What's going on here?
  • 5 turnovers in the last 7 minutes.  Are you kidding?  It's like the Mountaineers are trying to make this interesting. Suddenly the DePaul press seems to work.
  • ....and a deep three cuts the Mountaineer lead to two.
  • After Cam hits a free throw Jerimiah Kelly buries a three to tie it.  There's hope in the stands in the Chicago.
  • Truck goes coast to coast to go back up two, and hits his and one.  The next trip he picks up a charge. Redeemed after an atrocious first half.
  • Like clockwork he turns the ball over.  Sorry for typing that last one Mountie fans, it's like I jinxed it.
  • ACK! Now on the Mountaineers' presumptive final possession Truck dribbles in circles for the whole possession and then misses a contested layup.  The Mountaineers are up one, but they may not get the ball back.  This is bad.  A fourteen point lead squandered.  All that's left is to play defense.
  • DePaul passes on one good look and misses another.  The Mountaineers squeak away with their first conference win, an ugly one.
  • There were moments tonight when I though things were really coming together for Jones, Bryant and Kilicli the three players the Mountaineers expected to lead them at the beginning of the year.  Then, just as quickly, the team goes to sleep and lets a laugher turn into a nail-biter. This team is unfocusesed and unsure of itself.  Until it starts playing with a little confidence and swagger (and smarts) it will be some uphill climbing.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.