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How Popular Is Dana Holgorsen?

The Smoking Musket notes that West Virginia head football coach Dana Holgorsen has an approval rating of 98 percent among its readership.


Of course, the approval ratings of one blog can say as much about the blog as it does about the person being rated. But it's interesting that Holgorsen remains so popular, at least among this group of fans, given how tumultuous his tenure at WVU has been. In the offseason, he was thrown out of a casino for being too rowdy; that led to rumors, apparently orchestrated by his rival Bill Stewart, that had Holgorsen partying down in just about every hollow in the state. Then, after West Virginia played Bowling Green before less than a capacity crowd, Holgorsen took the fans to task, saying he didn't know if "this place" was an elite football program. 


Still, WVU has largely lived up to his promise of being one of college football's top offensive minds - the WVU offense has mostly been electric, even coming up big in West Virginia's loss to LSU. 


Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.