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West Virginia Vs. Syracuse: Orange Lead 35-16 Entering Fourth Quarter

The Mountaineers started the half on a high note, putting together a 14 play drive that led to a Shawn Alston touchdown drive from mere inches away. The Mountaineers needed a couple of tries from inside the one, but they finally got it done after multiple measurements.

The Orange bounced back with a long kickoff return, which set up a 29 yard touchdown toss to David Stevens. The message was loud and clear: Syracuse isn’t going to fade easily. The Orange have played skilled, mistake free offense, and absolutely tormented Geno Smith on defense. Smith has been plagued all game, and the Mountaineer offense has struggled.

Likewise, the defense, which is often praised as “bend but not break” has both bent and broken, allowing Syracuse to put together one long drive after another. The defense has been completely unable to get off of the field on third down as Syracuse has dinked and dunked their way up and down the field all game. Without a big play or a turnover from the Mountaineer defense, that looks likely to continue.

On the next to last play of the quarter Nassib found Provo again and all of a sudden, things look dire as the Mountaineers trail 35 – 16.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Mountaineers appear to be on the ropes, and there is a very good chance that their could be an upset in the Dome tonight.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.