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Pitt Vs. West Virginia: Scott McKillop Recalls 13-9 Pitt Win

With 103 Backyard Brawls in the books, it’s difficult to pick the most memorable one. But one that is up for consideration, of course, would be the 2007 edition when a heavily-favored West Virginia squad fell to Pitt, 13-9.

Former Pitt linebacker Scott McKillop played in that game and had some pretty interesting things to say, speaking to Joe Starkey of the Trib-Review:

“I like to reiterate the fact that we basically ruined their whole entire college career,” he says. “Nothing brings me more pleasure than when I say, ‘13-9.’ The face they give me is just priceless.”

He was just warming up.

“You can’t say it when you play, because you give them bulletin-board material, but I (expletive) hate West Virginia. I can’t stand the state. I just don’t like that university. I guess now you can print me saying it.”

McKillop wasn’t done there. He mentioned that Pitt was able to win the game in part because the Mountaineers failed to make an adjustment on offense. The Panthers defense kept doing the same thing over and over. And over:

Pitt played a risky blitzing scheme with a single high safety. West Virginia never adjusted.

“We ran one and only one defense the whole second half,” McKillop says. "I don’t know if that fact is out there. I guess I’ll spill the beans. We had one adjustment based on where the running back lined up. I was thinking, ‘Are they ever going to pick up on this?’

For an offensive-minded team to not be able to pick up on that is pretty astounding. Part of it obviously had to do with Pat White being knocked out of the game with an injury, but the Mountaineers still had plenty of talent on offense. The Panthers essentially said ’Here’s what we’re doing’ on every play and West Virginia was unable to score enough points on offense.

Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on when it comes to the Brawl, there’s no question that 2007 won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.