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Bill Stewart's Job At WVU Reportedly 'In Jeopardy' reports that WVU coach Bill Stewart’s job is “in jeopardy.” In fact, a headline in the sidebar of the main college football page currently says Stewart’s departure is “imminent,” although as of yet there’s no mention of that in the article.

School leaders also are pondering whether terminating the coach-in-waiting scenario it created this year with offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen would be in the best interests of the program, the source said …

Oliver Luck, West Virginia’s athletic director, continued to steadfastly refuse comment on what was going to happen with his school’s embattled coach, but did admit to the Charleston Gazette that “no one wants this to drag out any longer than it needs to.”

If the allegations that Stewart asked reporters to smear head-coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen are true, and everyone seems to think they are, then it would be a lot more shocking if the Mountaineers weren’t considering Stewart’s dismissal. Keep in mind that it’s Friday night, and this kind of stuff often comes out on Friday because that’s a time when most people aren’t paying as much attention to the news. You can take this with a grain of salt for now, but it wouldn’t shock me if we heard something in the next few hours.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.