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Bill Stewart Will Reportedly Resign From WVU Head Coaching Job now reports that head football coach Bill Stewart will soon resign from his post.

This is no surprise, given the allegations that Stewart asked reporters to find skeletons in the closet of new offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, who was scheduled to take over for Stewart in 2012.

As I said in my previous post about this, it’s Friday evening, which is the time of the week when these kinds of announcements often happen. We’ll see whether we hear something more solid tonight, at which point most folks will be away from their computers and televisions.

If Stewart does indeed resign, it will have been in the works for a long time. The
‘head-coach-in-waiting’ idea was a terrible one from the start, and I’m not sure how relations between Stewart and Holgorsen could ever have been productive and amicable after Holgorsen was allowed to bring in some of his own coaches. Maybe it would have been possible, but Stewart would have to have been a saint.

Still, if indeed he asked reporters to smear Holgorsen, there’s a pretty enormous distance between saintliness and Stewart’s actual behavior, and he deserves what he’s about to get. There’s obviously no official word yet, but it looks like Holgorsen will probably just take over a year early. Which is funny, given that this story began as a tale about his supposed troubles with alcohol. It turns out that was apparently blown way out of proportion.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.