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Oliver Luck: WVU Could Not Prove Allegations Against Bill Stewart

Mike Casazza's piece on the Bill Stewart resignation in the Charleston Daily Mail focuses not only on the financial details of Stewart's departure (which you can read more about over there), but also the fact that WVU athletic director Oliver Luck highlighted WVU's inability to prove allegations that Stewart asked reporters to "dig up dirt" on incoming coach Dana Holgorsen:

Still, WVU produced nothing to indicate Stewart had done anything to necessitate his removal. Luck simply stated the situation required a change.

"The university was not able to substantiate any of the rumor and innuendo out there," he said. "I'd like to leave it at that because that's all in the past and we're focused on moving forward and building a strong program."

We'll surely never know what, if anything, the university found, but it would surprise me a great deal if they truly didn't find anything. It would make no sense for them to release any information they might have, anyway.

Colin Dunlap was the former Post-Gazette reporter who initially made the allegations against Stewart, and he did so offhandedly, on the radio in the middle of the night. (His allegations were confirmed by Casazza, and the fact that Dunlap made them in the middle of the night, in response to a question, strongly suggests they were true. Also, Casazza himself tweeted elsewhere that he figured there was a confidentiality agreement.) This whole experience has to be strange for him - a few weeks ago, he was working the Pittsburgh Pirates beat for the Post-Gazette, churning out game stories and such. Then he suddenly quit to spend more time with his family, and now he's suddenly the main reason WVU's head football coach was fired. Crazy.

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