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LSU Vs. West Virginia: Geno Smith Leads Mountaineers To Second-Quarter Score, But Still Down 13-7

West Virginia is finally showing signs of life with a second-quarter touchdown against the LSU Tigers.

The first quarter didn’t go so well at all for the Mountaineers, as the Tigers had two touchdowns and forced two turnovers (including an unfortunate deflection that turned into an interception for Geno Smith).

The Mountaineeers called 10 straight passing plays to begin the second quarter, however, and Smith completed seven of them, marching the Mountaineers down the field against LSU’s vaunted defense. The last of those seven completions went to Stedman Bailey, who scored on a 20-yard touchdown pass. It’s now 13-7.

The Tigers lead no longer seems all that daunting, and the Mountaineers are lucky to be in the game, given the way the first quarter went. They’ll need to stop the Tigers on this next drive.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.