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LSU Vs. West Virginia Halftime Score: Turnovers Causing Big Problems For Mountaineers

The last sequence of plays before halftime couldn’t have gone worse for the Mountaineers. Already reeling from an Odell Beckham touchdown that put them behind 20-7, WVU gave up yet another touchdown before the end of the half that put them down by three scores. Geno Smith had completed a few passes to begin a drive for the Mountaineers, but a holding penalty put them in a third-and-19 situation at their own 25.

Then Smith threw another interception, this time to Tyrann Mathieu, who returned it to the WVU 1 yard line. Jarrett Lee then tossed to Chase Clement for another Tigers score with less than a minute to play.

Thanks largely to turnovers, the Mountaineers head into the locker room with a 27-7 deficit. That will be really hard to come back from. In fact, it’ll be a historic win if they can pull it out.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.