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March Madness Bracket 2012: West Virginia's Tournament Landscape Includes Ohio State, Cincinnati, Syracuse

Here's a look at the East Region bracket of the 2012 NCAA Tournament, where WVU will be playing as a No. 10 seed.

No. 1 Syracuse vs. UNC Asheville, Thursday 3/15/12
No. 8 Kansas State vs. No. 9 So. Miss, Thursday 3/15/12
No. 5 Vanderbilt vs. No. 12 Harvard, Thursday 3/15/12
No. 4 Wisconsin vs. No. 13 Montana, Thursday 3/15/12
No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 15 Loyola (Md.), Thursday 3/15/12
No. 7 Gonzaga vs. No. 10 West Virginia, Thursday 3/15/12
No. 3 Florida State vs. No. 14 St. Bonaventure, Friday 3/16/12
No. 6 Cincinnati vs. No. 11 Texas, Friday 3/16/12

West Virginia's opening game against Gonzaga will be in Pittsburgh. If they do upset the Bulldogs, they'll likely have to face No. 2-seeded Ohio State, which won't be easy, but which should certainly be a fun matchup regionally -- West Virginians certainly don't hold Ohio State in especially high esteem.

In the unlikely event that the Mountaineers get through to the Sweet Sixteen, life doesn't get much easier, as their next opponent might be Florida State, which is coming off wins against Duke and UNC, or Cincinnati, which recently beat Syracuse and Marquette. And if they get through three rounds, they still might have top-seeded Syracuse to deal with. In other words, WVU has a tough road ahead, as everyone does, and as mid-seeded teams especially do.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.