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Big 12, SEC Agree To Meet In BCS Bowl, But Why?

Geoff Coyle of West Virginia Illustrated attempts to explain why the Big 12 and the SEC have agreed to a BCS bowl arrangement that, in all likelihood, won’t result in regular matchups, or very many games at all.

Still, the move will serve as a message to any schools considering a move to the Big 12 that this conference believes it is on the same level with the SEC, which has been at the top of the game in recent years.

It certainly makes sense that the Big 12 would want to be associated with the SEC, and from the Big 12’s perspective, this seems like a good idea. We'll see exactly what the SEC is getting out of this once more details emerge, but if nothing else, this arrangement projects an image of strength from two good football conferences.

The new bowl agreement would go into effect in 2014. Of course, it can only be played if teams from the SEC and Big 12 don’t qualify for the national semifinals, and it seems like that would happen rarely, if at all.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.