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How Will Possible Big 12, SEC Bowl Matchup Affect ACC?

The college football postseason is on the verge of changing dramatically, with news of a possible four team playoff making the rounds. The Big 12 and SEC have already said they will pit their conference champions in a bowl game in said scenario, which leads to questions about the other BCS conferences in this future postseason possibility. The fine folks over at Cardiac Hill seem to be taking it all in stride, what with Pitt now in the ACC and the league potentially on the verge of being on the outside looking in:

We could overreact to this news and feel that Pitt is now screwed. We gave up on our chance to join the Big 12 and now we're regretting it by joining a conference that will still be on the outside of the major conferences. Pitt not joining the Big 12 was still the right decision. At the time, it was still one Larry Scott decision from no longer existing and it made no sense for Pitt to consider that move. And right now, the ACC is still considered a power conference because of the membership. Whether or not Florida State is still a part of that will not change anything.

However this college football playoff shakes out, it would seem a league with schools such as Florida State (for now), Virginia Tech and Miami would not be left out in the cold, so a wait-and-see approach certainly seems appropriate as compared to instant gloom-and-doom overreaction.

For more on what this agreement means for the Panthers, and all things Pittsburgh athletics, be sure to check out Cardiac Hill.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.